JKbose Results


The collaboration between IT Genuine Solutions and JKboseResults has led to the development of an invaluable online platform that caters to the educational needs of students in the Kashmir Valley. The project embodies the mission of JKboseResults Foundation, a non-governmental organization committed to fostering philanthropy and providing educational information to underprivileged students. IT Genuine Solutions is proud to have contributed to the creation of a platform that delivers timely updates and academical information to students in the region.

Project Highlights:

  1. Timely Academic Updates: JKboseResults is a platform designed to provide students in Kashmir with timely updates about their academic information, ensuring that they are informed about their educational progress and important announcements from their respective institutions.
  2. NGO Commitment: The initiative is aligned with the philanthropic goals of JKboseResults Foundation, an NGO dedicated to promoting philanthropy and education among underprivileged students in Kashmir. The platform extends the foundation’s reach by providing valuable educational services and information.
  3. Collective Responsibility: The platform is managed by a responsible team of two members under the umbrella of Kashmir Student Alerts. The team includes an Administrator who oversees social media assets and a Managing Director responsible for establishment and key administrative decisions.
  4. Information Courtesy: JKboseResults takes full responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the information it disseminates through its social assets. The platform acknowledges and respects the contributions of third-party disseminating units, ensuring courteous handling of re-produced and re-disseminated information.
  5. Contact and Support: The platform encourages engagement and communication from users. Students and stakeholders are invited to share their concerns, feedback, and questions by reaching out to the support team via email at Support@jkbose.co.in.


The collaboration between IT Genuine Solutions and JKboseResults has resulted in the creation of a platform that significantly contributes to the educational ecosystem of the Kashmir Valley. By providing timely updates and academical information, JKboseResults empowers students to stay informed and engaged in their educational journey.

The platform’s alignment with the philanthropic goals of JKboseResults Foundation demonstrates a commitment to improving education access for underprivileged students. It serves as a bridge between educational institutions and students, fostering a culture of informed learning and academic progress.

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