Witness the synergy between IT Genuine Solutions and JK NEWS 24—a pioneering news and advertising agency based in the heart of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Our collaboration has brought to life an online sanctuary committed to the ideals of objective journalism and unbiased news dissemination. As the chosen development partner, IT Genuine Solutions stands proudly at the forefront of crafting a digital realm dedicated to empowering the digital audience while upholding the purest tenets of journalism.

Project Highlights:

  1. Pioneering Objective Journalism: JK NEWS 24 stands as a vanguard news and advertising agency, etching its legacy in the sands of time. Established in 2014, its mission reverberates—empowering the digital audience with an unwavering commitment to objective, unbiased news that resonates with the pulse of pure journalism.
  2. Upholding Truth and Integrity: At JK NEWS 24, journalistic integrity knows no compromise. We believe in the sanctity of delivering news devoid of bias, providing readers a conduit to authentic, unfiltered information—the cornerstone of informed decision-making.
  3. A Kaleidoscope of Knowledge: Embracing a spectrum spanning local and global realms, JK NEWS 24 transcends geographical boundaries. Our content categories—a tapestry encompassing education, sports, world affairs, and more—paint a panoramic view of the world.
  4. Ethical Advertorial Elegance: Beyond news, JK NEWS 24 dons the hat of an ethical advertising agency. Our advertisements seamlessly interlace with content, ensuring value addition while preserving the sanctity of news—a harmonious blend of information and engagement.
  5. Igniting the Light of Awareness: JK NEWS 24 fuels the flame of knowledge, empowering readers with a wealth of insights. With an unswerving commitment to precise reporting and comprehensive coverage, we illuminate paths to informed understanding.


The alliance between IT Genuine Solutions and JK NEWS 24 is a testament to the potency of collective endeavor in sculpting the information landscape. In a rapidly evolving media milieu, JK NEWS 24’s dedication to unbiased journalism resonates harmoniously with IT Genuine Solutions’ mission to wield technology for positive transformation. Together, we have birthed an online haven—where readers bask in the glow of credible news and enlightenment.

JK NEWS 24 stands tall as a monument to the prowess of collaboration—promoting transparent, untainted journalism. This endeavor encapsulates our united vision—a force for good within the global media fabric.

About IT Genuine Solutions:

IT Genuine Solutions is a trailblazing IT solutions provider, poised to sculpt impactful digital narratives. Armed with expertise spanning website development, software solutions, digital marketing, and more, we channel innovation to drive positive metamorphosis.


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